Carlos “Portuguese” Vieira

I was very excited when we were told that Carlos “Portugues” Vieira was going to be our guest instructor for a week.

For the uninitiated, Carlos has been training for about 21 years and has done very well in the world’s top competitions. He is the head instructor of Cia Paulista Australia and has helped make Cia Paulista one of the top academies in the area.

(More info on Carlos via BJJHeroes)


Carlos taught a lot of drills and emphasized being doing repetitions on both your strong side and your weak side. This will enable you to perform moves more smoothly once you get into sparring or competitions.  He starts off class with movements that are integral in that day’s lessons, then teaches technique.

Carlos teaching at Origins BJJ

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to train with Carlos as much as I wanted to due to schedule problems, but every time I attended his class, I always learned something new. He taught a guard pass series that emphasizes on pressure and reading your opponent’s reactions. On the no gi session, we worked on a simple but effective back take. During the last day of training, we got to the good stuff.

Class picture with Carlos during the gi session

Class picture with Carlos during the No Gi Session

Carlos is known for having an excellent closed guard and we worked on some closed guard moves during the last day. He showed a sweep series using basic moves that give you maximum control with minimal strength. The details that he showed blew my mind away.  I tried to look up a tournament video of Carlos and true enough, he was using the same moves he was teaching.

Personally, I will try reworking on my closed guard again thanks to Carlos. He changed my mind about the closed guard as I have had difficulty with it due to my short legs(I think this deserves a different entry altogether).


Carlos Vieira is a cool guy. I got to hang out with him a couple of times off the mat and had an amazing time. He had plenty of stories about how he started Jiu Jitsu, about his hometown, and about Cia Paulista. He has more than 21 years of Jiu Jitsu stories and I listened to every word. We asked him about nutrition, his team, and how he  travelled the world spreading his Jiu Jitsu.

Dinner with Carlos. At this point, he told us that his shirts and jeans were a bit tighter due to all the eating

He liked the Filipino food as well. We brought him to some of the Filipino restaurants and  I’m sure he had a good time. I was surprised when he told us he wanted some BALUT , which often strikes fear into the heart of non-Filipinos due to its, uhm, day-old exotic ingredient. We assured Carlos that BALUT is not as bad as people say it is. I was not there to witness him eat, but I heard he had 2.

Portuguese Lessons

We also learned some Portuguese words from Carlos(BJJ related, some slang, and some cuss words too). He taught us how to say big – add AO (ex.Patizao), and small add -INO(ex. Carlinhos) Here are some of the words we learned:

PATRAO – boss

BOMBA – steroids

GUARANA – Brazilian softdrink

CACHACA –  Main ingredient of Caipirinha. Apparently, it can mess you up easily

CARALHO – Similar to “damn”; do not say this in front of Children. Instead, say CARAMBA!, which is somewhat a milder version.

Carlos getting interviewed

Carlos with Pat, Mike and Gia

Carlos was also featured in a radio show hosted by Pat. You can hear it here on Pat’s Soundcloud:


As the week ended, Carlos taught us a very important thing about Jiu Jitsu: Everyone does Jiu Jitsu for different reasons, and we(team mates) are responsible for helping our team mates get better.  We should always look out for each other.

Training should be a very exciting part of your day, and should help you cope with life’s stressors. Jiu Jitsu should be fun.

Muito Obrigado, Carlos! It was a pleasure having you over, and everyone at Origins BJJ have learned a lot.

(Photos taken by: Ida Paras, Gia Jamias, and Cookie Pido)